Custom Interior Design Solutions in Broward County, FL

 Your home is your tiny corner of the world. It’s the place where you’ve enjoyed countless holidays, created priceless memories, and raised your children. But as you enter into each new stage of life, your home needs change. At Interiors by Janet, we can provide you with custom interior design solutions so you can stay in your beloved home in Broward County, FL, through each transition in life. 

Match Your Home to Your Needs

 Leaving a home and community behind can be difficult. But with Interiors by Janet, you don’t have to take this road. Our team will help you create a plan for your home so its size, features, design, and layout match your wants and needs. Through our services, you can forget about upsizing, downsizing, retirement homes, and moving in general. 

Take Advantage of Creative Solutions

 Our team doesn’t just give you a canned design plan. Each interior design solution is specific to the client. We’ll custom tailor your plan to match whatever idea, theme, and budget you want to follow. We’ll act as your interior design concierge so you can save time, avoid mistakes, and enjoy the process along the way. 

Get Advice From a Professional

 Our interior designer Janet has over 30 years of experience working with residential clients, show rooms, and contractors. She knows the tricks of the design trade very well, and will help you implement only the best solutions in your home, whether you have a simple or an in-depth interior design project.

Our team will work with you as a collaborator, so you’ll call the shots for your remodel, but we’ll help you troubleshoot and create a home that will serve your family throughout the years.

If you’re ready for interior design solutions in Broward County, FL, contact our office today at 954-783-7520 or fill out our online form.