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Your Life, Styled

At Interiors by Janet, Janet redefines the “wow” factor by combining experience with design which transforms home and lives! Her residential projects never look the same as anyone else and are one-of-a-kind spaces that speaks to a client’s individual needs, style and budget.

Are you wanting to change paint colors to refresh your home or a room? Moving to a new home and not sure what to bring into your new  place? Desiring to renew your current home by re-purposing your existing furnishings, artwork accessories? Or are you being challenged to stay with in a certain budget and need some additional sources?

We’re here to assist you in all things interior design!

Janet’s over 25 years of helping home owners qualifies her to be your personal  designer; and her unique gifting of balancing aesthetics, functional needs and her unique budget solutions is a must to add to one’s buck list!

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