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“Design in a Day” services starting at $250.00

For those in need design help, Interiors by Janet now offers “Design in a Day” services!

This service is ideal for new homeowners, homeowners who are building or renovating and need design consultation or anyone looking to refresh and renew their homes through decorating.

Also, ideal for painting contractors, builders, contractors, real estate agents and movers are benefiting from our new services.

Decorating Consultations

Whatever your design needs, we can work closely with you to execute your residential decor project with “Design in a Day.” Whether you’re seeking for guidance to finish selections and furniture placement in a new home, or are in need of a makeover for tired looking or incomplete rooms, we are dedicated to creating a one-of-a-kind design that accommodates your unique lifestyle and budget.

Our goal is to make the experience not only enjoyable, but also memorable. Thus, we are dedicated to developing a comprehensive understanding of your design needs and explaining the process thoroughly during our consultations.

In doing so, we ensure that you know what to expect from the very beginning, in terms of cost, time, and most importantly results.

Starting at $250

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Colors That Inspire

In any space, color is everything. We utilize our skill to ensure you make a great first impression, whether that means adding an accent wall or repainting an entire room. The paint you select can make or break a room, and thus should always be coordinated with existing finishes and fabrics. At Interiors by Janet, we coordinate colors quickly and affordably, as well as arrange furniture to complement the new look. Trust us, a little paint combined with our expertise can go a long way.

Starting at $250

Finishing Touches

Need some guidance to add those all important finishing touches to a room, or even multiple rooms? This service is for you!

Starting at $250

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Ready to Move

Looking to figure out what to pack and what to give away? Let Janet help you make your move more efficient and also resulting in time and cost savings!   Your first day with moving crew and a plan will be a amazing first step to transform a homeMoving to a new home and need assistance determining what to take and what to donate? Save time and money with this amazing stress-free service.

Starting at $500.00

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